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International Fair "EDUCATION ABROAD"
in april 2022

Where to learn languages best? - How to choose a foreign University? - Representatives of our partner language schools and Universities from the United Kingdom, Canada, Chech Republic, Switzerland , Germany, Spain, USA and the Netherlands await you at the Fair.
More than 10 destinations:
Proposals from our partner schools and Universities
15 Institutions
500 visitors
more than 500 visitors from Penza and Saratov
Every November, for four years, we used to hold our Fair "Education Abroad", until the Virus interfered :) This year being constantly asked about "The Fair" we decided to make a try and revive it. November 19th we start in Penza and then move to Saratov on the next day. We also understand that due to restrictions not all partners will be able to come in person and are preparing volunteers who will be assisting our "Talking Heads" broadcasting through Zoom or whatever platform we are going to take. We consider it to be the best marketing tool we ever had. Each city means 250 to 300 of highly motivated visitors - senior school kids and their parents, University students and teachers of foreign languages - all those who consider this or that form of education abroad. Prior to the Event we go to schools and Universities, talk to students and their parents, explain things and only those interested get invitations from us. We charge EURO 1300 for the first person attending, EURO 300 for the second person and 250 for distant participation. The name of your Institution will become known to all the visitors and the absolute majority of our participants get their students directly from the Fair. Any questions? Call us +7 903 3282146
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Telefon: +7 903 3282146
Email: info@domiec.ru